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    Modular solutions

During the process of drawing up extended documents which are created by many teams the challenge occurring very often is to ensure coherence of documentation prepared with company standards. The similar problem appears when there is a change of identification rules as well as implementing new templates.

UnifyDoc is a tool which solves the problem of time consuming and troublesome reformatting of documents. It is simple and functional, and what is more thanks to in-built function to menu of Microsoft Office Word it doesn’t require, from the user, switching to a different application.

During the work in text editing view the user is able to do the following things quickly and without any problems:

  • standardise the styles – to replace the document styles with the defined styles in the company pattern
  • define the data of the document (register) in accordance to chosen pattern
  • fill in the data of the register which is predefined according to specified criteria
  • create a new document basing on the specific criteria and styles assigned.

The time saved in this way may be used for all the other activities.

Remote work, meetings or business travel do not have to hinder the control of cases in progress as well as to make it impossible to register the activities performed on the spot.

TF Law Firm Mobile is a solution which allows convenient work with the billing system outside the office on tablets and smartphones.

The application allows the following in a quick and secured way:

  • registration of work immediately after doing the task without the need of using other devices
  • browse added works as well as edit them
  • synchronise the data: clients and projects from the database of billing system (e.g. TF Law Firm) with mobile device as well as added works with a mobile device with billing server.

The management of on-going cases requires very good work organisation from lawyers and solicitors. Both schedules or even the best memory are often not enough especially if the law firm conducts many processes simultaneously where a few people work at one case.

TFDep Court module was created as a part of TimeFrame Department software. It allows to control systematically the deadlines and activities connected to cases in progress. Moreover it supports management of key information and enables quick access of desired documents.
The functionality of the module provides:

  • registration of the cases assigned to a given client
  • registration of the events connected to course of cases with possibility of attaching the documents
  • control of terms and case course
  • quick search of the cases according to the criteria chosen

TFDep Court Module allows to collect the information on cases in progress in one place in a standardized, coherent way. At the same time it results in:

  • full control of cases in progress
  • efficient management of cases and data
  • streamlining the information flow inside and between the teams
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