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    TimeFrame Department

The huge number of the cases in progress, the need to control the progress in project realisation, the need to evaluate the efficiency of employees in the departments and cooperating law firms, reporting the results to the board – they are only the part of challenges which are faced by the executives of law departments.

The nature of work as well as tasks performed by in-house law offices inclined our designers to create TimeFrame Department software – it is a solution dedicated to controlling the processes and managing the areas such as:
  • data management and working time register
  • projects and work organisation
  • analysis and reporting

It enables:

  • control of the mechanisms inside the company
  • assigning the tasks to employees and tracking, as well as monitoring the deadlines being met
  • reports and statistics generation for internal purposes as well as for the boards, in accordance with the criteria set by the users.

TF Department was created thanks to long-lasting experience in producing the software dedicated to law firms and also based on very good knowledge of the working nature of departments. Properly chosen features of the software ideally fulfil all the tasks – they allow to control the work of the department or project realisation effectively. They are also able to draw conclusion from the data collected. The possibility of adapting the particular functions to the client’s requirements ensures one hundred per cent realisation of tasks ordered.

According to the experience of our clients the implementation of TimeFrame Department results in:

  • knowledge in scope of functioning of the whole law department and cooperating law firms
  • effective management of cases, knowledge, and employees – improvement in servicing external clients
  • higher cost control.

The software also supports work in the area of documents management through:

  • digitalisation of the process of giving opinion and contracts acceptance
  • management of the entitlements and authorisations data

The software can be integrated with other IT systems that exist in the company as well as with TimeFrame Systems solutions. Connection of TimeFrame Department functions with  TimeFrame Documents allows to monitor and streamline the processes in a complex way as well as to manage the resources including documentation (e-mail and traditional form) in more effective way.


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