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We design dedicated solutions both based on functionality of existing TimeFrame Software tools and we create advanced software in technology matched to special needs and requirements of a given enterprise.

Among the solutions created by our team there are, among others, the following systems for:

  • Agricultural University in Kraków | university centre – creation and implementation the main website of the University together with administrative and departmental subpages. 
  • Jagiellonian University Dormitories | university centre – software for dormitories of Jagiellonian University. Its aim is to manage accommodation of students, payments settlements, management of rooms’ rental during holidays.
  • PPHiU Meteor Sp. z o.o. – tourist line of business – complex system of booking service.

The efficiency of business processes in enterprises are successfully supported by our varied tools including TimeFrame Documents and TimeFrame Department software as well as modular solutions UnifyDoc.

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