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    Law Firm

TimeFrame Law Firm is an innovative IT system of modular architecture. It allows efficient management of a law firm. It is highly effective where both settlement and analysis are based on time worked.

By integrating the processes in all the activities of a law firm the software effectively supports its work in scope of one solution, enabling the following:

  • clients and employees management
  • jobs and cases administration
  • invoicing
  • conducting internal and external settlements
  • creating reports and conducting business analysis.

TimeFrame Law Firm adapts to a law firm, not otherwise.

  • modular structure of software, wide  variety of features and configuration possibilities allow to create a solution tailored to the particular need of any law firm.
  • the technology used allows to use the software resources by many users simultaneously and without conflict.
  • Mobile version enables to use the system with mobile devices (pads and phones) even without the Internet access – added works and activities are synchronised with the software.
  • defining individual level of access to data as well as the account assigned to a user protected with a password guarantee both high security of data stored in the software.

The use of TimeFrame Law Firm results in:

  • more efficient management of knowledge in the company within one system, both on the level of collecting, and storing information and its circulation and use
  • efficient management of clients, projects, work and employees
  • higher cost control
  • control of law firm income owing to precise settlement of working time and illustration of the  contract regulations
  • more efficient resources management
  • managing the settlements.


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